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Legal Liability Protection provides financial coverage for legal expenses to individuals, families, business, or groups in the event of an arrest or criminal charges. By the age of twenty-three, 1 in 3 Americans will have been arrested. Don’t become another statistic or let criminal charges compromise your future. Secure your arrest coverage today!

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I want Legal Liability Protection pre-arrest coverage: Legal Liability Protection Application

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Send completed applications via mail, fax, or email. Full contact information available on the Contact Us page.

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Protect Yourself

We know that you cannot afford the financial damages associated with an arrest, so don’t hesitate to apply today for your Legal Liability Protection plan. You’ll be making a sound investment in the future of your family or organization.

With over 2.2 million Americans in prison or in jail, we can only imagine the hardships faced by the many families impacted. When an arrest occurs, legal insurance will provide the peace of mind that you can get through the coming days, armed with the expertise and resources to preserve your future well being and freedom.

Call us for assistance with completing your application for Legal Liability Protection coverage: (855) 440-2245.